Wednesday Jan 18 2017 proved to be a glorious day to look at the horizon for the change makers at the Chime Specialist Group. Meeting at Skyloft at the top of Millbank Tower, with a panoramic 360 view of London, we took time consider what 2017 and beyond could look like for our clients and how we will continue to respond to the new opportunities.

CSG CEO Jo Parker reflected on the hugely successful journey each of us has been through in 2016, despite challenging markets, and some of the major changes in the pipeline for each line of business’s success in 2017. Whilst Chime CEO Chris Satterthwaite highlighted the investment support from Providence and planned growth trajectory, which is enabling us to take the Chime creativity and entrepreneurial spirit internationally.

But it was futurologist David Smith’s canter through the mega trends which provoked each of us to consider which of these will have the greatest impact our clients and how we best respond to help our clients to navigate the unstoppable change in their marketplaces. Baroness Tessa Jowell then gave her perspective on the mindset we need as change makers – the need for resilience, authenticity but also the need to keep listening to our clients customers and to step outside of our echo chambers.

2017 is set to be an exciting year for the Chime Specialist Group demonstrating our ability to help our clients to navigate the exciting changes in each of the sectors we work in.

And hats off to inEvidence walking an hour to get there!