Citrix, the US tech firm, has a well-established customer reference programme, but it is careful never to let it grow stale. It wanted to create something new for a sales kick-off event. We had an idea.

Taking existing Citrix reference material (print and video across case studies, industry credentials and whitepapers), we created an eStudy and an eCredential, to be viewed on iOS devices.

Readers can scroll the existing written story or view a new, graphic reworking. They can activate audio quotes, hearing the customer say the words, or watch the video. They’re able to click-through to product hyperlinks, or post to social media. The multimedia content reflects the expectations of tablet users.

Citrix debuted both formats at the sales kick-off in California in January. Both formats were warmly received by sales teams (several asked if they could use them straight away). Helpfully, Citrix conducted some on-the-spot market research:

92% do, or would, use tablets for demoing Citrix products
91% like having both audio and video embedded
95% of users found it easy to navigate
98% think the eStudy format valuable and would use it with customers

On a scale of 1 to 5 re the value of the eStudy format, 95% were positive (57% said ‘excellent’)