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The single most powerful data set in digital advertising is search intelligence, with search behaviour being the best indicator of interest and intent. S.E.M (Search Engine Marketing) is dominated by monolithic keyword platforms such as Google, however billions of digital searches occur every month on a variety of publisher sites such as Compare the market, Autotrader and Trivago to name a few.

Using combined search intelligence and smart technology enabled us to build a digital display campaign for SsangYong car brand Tivoli through semantic keyword targeting and resulted in the potential to identify the quality of users to serve advertising to – based on intent.

Given Tivoli is the name of the SsangYong car marque as well as a place in Italy and a famous amusement park in Copenhagen, we were able to ensure we targeted ads at people searching for associated keywords such as Hatchback, saloon, diesel, SUV’s, family, dealer locations & competitor car marques and avoid serving ads to people searching associated semantic words such as Alitalia, Italian hotels, Denmark, flights to Europe, weather in Italy etc. This resulted in minimal wastage and maximised relevance of messaging.